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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

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This from long time family friend Mark Friedman:

Dickie Dickie was one of my best friends when we were kids at MLC, and at the Farm and wandering the streets of Portland. We were the same age and our lives brought us together. We were both Jewish and we went to the same school; our parents were involved in the same progressive Jewish groups, and of course we were part of the High Valley Farm community.

Before High Valley, Dickie and I hung out a lot, not only at MLC.

Who was Dickie? He was handsome, smart, confident, and fearless, but most of all he was fun. We had many adventures and we had good places back then to have…


L.D.M S.H.
L.D.M S.H.
Jul 30, 2022

I met Dick in high school. His family had just moved to Skamania County, and he came to Stevenson High School with his older brother Ken. I didn't have any classes with him, but I often hung out in my favorite teacher's classroom, along with others who felt at home there, and sometimes Dick was there, too.

Dick was fun to be around. He was interested and curious about the world. He always had something new to talk about. It was refreshing to spend time with him.

I remember visiting Ken and Dick's home, which was beautiful. The three of us went to walk the herd of goats out to the pasture. It was warm out, and still, and the…


Dick Dragoon was mostly Dick and often Dicky to his friends and family—however as we now know from the time-capsule letters here on his memorial website, while he still addressed his brother Ken as “Kenny,” he signed his letters to him, and to his mom Belle, as “Richard.”

And not merely “Richard,” but to Belle as “your son Richard,” and to Ken as “YOUR BROTHER THE GREAT BEAUTIFUL SMART ALL AROUND NICE GUY and a GREAT KID, RICHARD DRAGOON … Signed, Richard Dragoon.” That was from Fall 1971, when he would have been thirteen.

It sounds like Dick was shedding his little-kid-ness and youngest-brother-ness and starting to assemble an adult persona. To my ear what shows through in the letters’…

Replying to

Bless you Sam for this piece. I remember the skiing accident, though I wasn't on the mountain with him on that trip. He was a daredevil in all things. The family was supposed to spend the weekend at Timberline Lodge, but his accident ended that. I've never spent the night at Timberline.

I haven't thought about his voice in all these years. I kick myself a bit that I can't conjure it in my head now.

I did hear that voice in the weeks following his death. Dick regularly appeared in my dreams. Always the same- we would be walking along a rural road someplace just shooting the breeze. As we walked and talked, I would grow increasingly uneasy and…


Thanks Lee. I remember that photograph and will see if I can find it. Cocky is a good word for him. He was cocky, challenging, and fearless.


I am Lee Gordon; my family and the Dragoon/Cannon family were close; I inherited the family connection and it has been a blessing for me for my entire life to have that connection. While my stronger friendship was and is with Ken Dragoon (he is about one month younger than me)I remember Dick very well. I remember him as fiesty, somewhat cocky and even a bit intimidating (even though he was almost two years younger than me). Like me, he attended MLC, the public alternative magnet school in Portland.

A few strong memories, one rather innocent and one somewhat illicit:

The first IS of us going sailing on the late Moe Malbin's sailboat on the Columbia River. This memory is…

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