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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

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My memories of Dick are all pleasant. Since we were both the same age, he was more of a brother to me than a cousin. My favorite times with Dick were when we would spend hours playing ping pong in our garage and talking about everything.


Jim Canon was my uncle. Jim had two amazing daughters but he didn't have a son. When my father and mother divorced, Jim became like a dad to me. I had a wonderful dad, but Jim was a wonderful second dad to me. He would play catch, and pick fruit off the trees, He taught me how to drive at age 13 in one of Jim's derelict old used cars. He gave me a job in the tire warehouse he oversaw. I would visit Jim and my cousins in Oak Grove almost every weekend. My need for a dad was met and Jim's need for a son was also met.

When I was age twenty or so, after he and…

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Thanks for that Eric. I think Dick was everyone's favorite, which drove a lot of jealousy on my part. I just today learned that his strained relationship with his Cousin Scott was due to jealousy-- in addition to everything else (cute as hell, athletic, adventurous, outgoing, and artistic), Dick was wicked smart. While Dick and Scott were in the same grade, Dick brought home the A's to his aunt's delight and his cousin's ire.

I don't remember ever seeing tears run down Jim's face. Even as he faced his own imminent death, there were no tears. Yours is a poignant story, thanks.


This is really cool. I have never really seen any pictures of uncle Dick. I have only hear stories from family. Thank you for putting this together. I would love to see more pictures and read more stories.

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I will post more as I receive them. I certainly wish I had more to post.


Tyler  Luke
Tyler Luke
Jul 09, 2022

Very Nice!! Such A Great Young Man.

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